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 Rena Cortezza

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PostSubject: Rena Cortezza   Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:19 pm

Account Name: NPC

Name: Rena Cortezza
Nickname: "Silent Archer"
Age: 19
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Reputation: 22
Class: C
Affiliation: Light [Fukei Organization]

Physical Description: Rena is rather beautiful looking woman with slender body build. She has green piercing eyes which has excellent accuracy. She has long white hair. Rena has pointy ears like elves normally have.
Clothing: Rena always walks around with her leather armor which is quite complicated. Starting from below she has leather long boots which are brown like most of her other equipment. The boots reach to her knees. Moving above she wears mini skirt. Then shirt. She also wears gloves.
Accessories: N/A
Extra: N/A

Personality Rena thinks of herself as an arrow of justice. She treats everyone equal and even if her best friend should commit a crime she isn't going to forgive it to him/her. She is very hard working woman and most of her time she is doing jobs given to her by Fukei Organization and sometimes does requests by Town People aswell. She always tries to complete her missions with the best result possible. Rena isn't very friendly to persons she doesn't know but always helps them out when they need it. She hates Dark Mages because they killed her family and thus gives her all to work in Fukei Organization and rank herself up so she could kill Dark Mages. While fighting she keeps a clear head even if her comrades fall. She normally likes fighting in area with objects and launch sneak attacks using her bow and arrows.

History Rena was born in East Continent at one small village. She was loved by her parents. His father was an exelent archer and started teaching his daughter from very young age. Rena loved her childhood very much and she always had fun. There weren't many elves in the village but they accepted the family knowing that they were good people who didn't oppose any threat.

One day when the girl was 11 years old he village was attacked by a group of Dark Mages. They just did it to test out their abilities. Mages slaughtered everyone who was in the way. When almost everyone in the village had been slaughtered, including her mother and father, one of the guardians arrived to the village. He knocked out the mages easily without any trouble. Guardian brought Rena to Draconis Town where she joined the organization. There she started learning to use bow and now she is finally 19 year old woman who's job is to find talented young warriors to join Fukei Organization.

-[C] ranked bow with quiver full of arrows.
-[D] ranked dagger
-[D] ranked leather armour.

Stats - 125
Strength: 25
Accuracy: 50
Stamina: 15
Speed: 35
Magic: 0 (0)

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Scales Earned 100,000/100,000


Magic Name:
Magic Tier:
Magic Type:
Magic Description:
Techniques: (used/maximum)

(Name of technique) - (Power level)


House: Uses Fukei Organization HQ as her house.
Companion: N/A

Theme Song: N/A

Kirin Dreyar • Job: Roshio Gang: Beginning • Lightning Dragon Slayer • Reputation: 0 • SP: 69 • Scales: 1,150,000 • Location: Star Town
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Rena Cortezza
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