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PostSubject: Silver Steiner   Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:32 pm

Account Name: NPC

Name: Stein Silva Lockheart
Nickname: "Silver Steiner"
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Reputation: 117
Class: A
Affiliation: Light; 11th Guardian of Fukei Organization

Physical Description: Stein is rather tall and charming man. He has slender body build with not much muscle. Stein has long black hair, it may give some blueish color under light. It is very smooth and falls down to his shoulders. He has quite tiny ears but most of the time they are covered with his hair. The bangs cover his left eye completely. Silva has red eyes.
Clothing: Stein wears traditional Silva bloodline clothing. On top of all his clothes he wears a short dark red cape with golden lining. Then he wears red overcoat, once again it has golden lining. It is attached with straps from the middle so it wouldn't fall off while running at high speed. Under it he wears brownish leather shirt. It reaches to his palms and also acts as gloves without fingers. He wears red pants. Lastly he wears long brown boots with golden straps.
Accessories: He wears blue earring. He is always seen around with a silver walking stick and a book with silver covers which both belong to Silva bloodline.

Personality Lockheart is very serious character. Stein isn't friendly to anyone, not even to his parents. He treats another rich people with respect tough. He doesn't talk very much, and even is he should talk he does it with rather low tone and speaks slowly. He doesn't chit chat and only talks about important things. He doesn't like to talk with commoners as he thinks he is above all of them, well he is one of the most well known noble families around the Biso Kingdom. Just like his family name Lockheart, he keeps his heart shut and doesn't open it to anyone.

Stein is rather confident in his skills and never turns down a challenge, he actually thinks it is a disrespecting of an opponent so even if a 7 year old should challenge him he accepts. Before starting a fight he always gives his name, just to show some respect. Of course he always hopes to hear his opponent's name aswell. During a fight he is very calm, nothing can hit him out of shape, not even falling comrades. Stein is very intelligent person as he had studied many different things from young age.

Although Silva is one of 12 guardians he doesn't help people much. He was mostly recruited because of his skills. He doesn't go to take jobs from Request Board, he only does jobs that are given to him by Fukei Organization. Silva is rather talented magician and thus the organization has great expectations from him.

History Stein Silva Lockheart was born in noble family of Biso Kingdom called Silva Family. They are rather well known about their Silver Manipulation Magic which is off limits to any other wizard in the world. Stein didn't have very common childhood, from the time he learned to read he had to start studding. He had many private teachers who taught him a lot of things, they were rather strict tough and it wasn't much of a big deal when Stein's hand was bleeding a little over the time because of the writing.

The moment he became old enough to talk like a noble person should he started taking part of different kind of balls and other noble events. He was very busy person and thus he was almost always tired, he could never show it off tough because then he would be punished by maids. His parents didn't spend much time with him thinking that work was more important than their own child.

Once Stein got 12 years old his rough training began. It was family's tradition to teach their silver manipulation magic to every boy once they get 12 years old. The training was quite rough for Stein and he was pushed to his limits every day. During that normal studies like literature, art didn't stop of course. Over time he had became quite experienced mage and he was often sent to jobs to gain experience. Normally they were tougher than someone on his level could handle but he always managed to survive because of his strong will to survive.

When Stein was 18 years old Fukei organization had set their eyes on him. He was using rare magic plus he was quite good at it. Also he was from a noble family so it was good commercial for their organization. Stein's parents agreed and forced him to join the organization even if he didn't want. Over the time he got used to it tough and gained himself a nickname "Silver Steiner".

B Rank - Silva Staff - Silva Staff is weapon made out of pure silver. It enchants magic power of those who are using Silver Fall magic.

A Rank - Silva Book - This is also created be Silva Family. Just like staff it enchants Magic Powers of mage who is using Silver Fall.

Stats - 450
Strength: 50
Accuracy: 50
Stamina: 75
Speed: 75
Magic: 100 (200)

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Scales Earned 100,000/100,000


Magic Name: Silver Fall
Magic Tier: 1
Magic Type: Silver Manipulation
Rank: 10
Magic Description: Silver Fall is magic used by Silva family. It is taught to only them so they are the only ones who know how to use it. Silver Fall composes of 3 basic steps. 1st is Producing Silver which is in Liquid Form. This is very hard to achieve and only experts can do it, (Children practice with existing silver) even Steiner must use his walking stick to enchant his abilities. Expert ones can use their bare hands to produce it tough. 2nd is forming it to the shape someone wants. This can be basic, like Silver Sword, Axe or any other. For example with this phase magic user can also roll it around his opponent. 3rd Phase is Hardening in which Magic User hardens their produced Silver Liquid. After that they can also direct the Silver, not bend it tough since, only move it. After hardening is done he can also turn into liquid again so he wouldn't use too much magic power producing new silver all the time.
Techniques: (33/33)

Silver Lock - (10)
Type: Offensive
Range: 50 meters
Effect: With this technique Stein produces silver in liquid form, wraps it around his enemy and then quickly hardens it, leaving the opponent unable to move. This is somewhat his signature technique.

Silver Barrage - 7
Type: Offensive
Range: 50 meters
Effect: Stein produces a silver in liquid form, then forms around 70 needles in any location he wished, hardens them and then fires them towards opponent. It can be very useful when dealing with multiple opponents.

Silver Wall - 8
Type: Defensive
Range: 10 meters
Effect: Stein produces silver in liquid form, bends it look like a wall in front of him and then hardens it. It is very tough and only powerful magic can penetrate it, of course a warrior who has enormous strength aswell.

Silver Roar - 8
Type: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Effect: This is one of Stein's most powerful techniques. He opens his mouth and shoots enormous amount of silver liquid from there, often leaving his opponents completely covered with it. Then he hardens the silver which normally leads to death because opponent who's breathing ways are covered with silver can't breath anymore.



Theme Song: Noble Roar

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Silver Steiner
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