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 Fierra Tempest

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PostSubject: Fierra Tempest   Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:16 am

Account Name: Fierra

Name: Fierra Tempest
Nickname: N/A
Age: 14
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 149 cm
Weight: 50kg
Reputation: 0
Class: D
Affiliation: Neutral

Physical Description: Fierra is a young girl who stands 149 centimeters tall and weights around 50 kilograms. She doesn't have very muscular body. Right now she is rather flat chested. Fierra has very tanned skin, it isn't natural, just because she was under the sun most of her lifetime. She has white hair with some orange stripes in it. The hair is tied into two tails behind her head. Fierra has yellow eyes.
Clothing: Fierra wears boots that almost reach her knees. The boots are brown but also have golden decorations on it. She wears brown long pants. She has some containers attached to her pants with red band. She also wears a belt which keeps up her pants, they would stay up even without a belt though. She wears a brow shirt, the same color as her pants. Shirt has white painting on it. The shirt leaves her belly open but it covers her arms. Above her arms she wears white cloth and red cloth that almost cover her hands, red cloth reaches a little to her palms. (Sorry for vague description, I am no good when it comes to describing clothing.)
Accessories: The accessories whit what his hair is tied together. She also has knee guards which are painted golden.
Extra: Face paintings on her face.
Picture: Character looks exactly like on the picture.

Personality Fierra is a girl full of life. She has a carefree and reckless nature and, despite the fact that she might challenge complete strangers, is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. She has a particularly close, and competitive relationship with her brother, even if they not seeing each other.
As a simple-minded character, she thinks things through in a straightforward manner that can get to the crux of the problem fairly efficiently and can aid him, usually accidentally. Even when faced with obvious or previous hostility, she rarely holds a grudge or negative feelings towards an enemy - usually seeing the good in them or maybe even thanking them for nice battle experience after beating them up. However, this is not a ubiquitous feeling as she can direct considerable fury at an particularly evil enemy.

Fierra tries to constantly prove his strength to others. Fierra doesn't like to lose and for instance, after getting beaten by someone or something in their first encounter, she thinks about nothing else but getting his revenge. Due to his reckless nature, any combat Fierra involves herself in usually ends with widespread destruction. In spite of this, Fierra shows great wit in battle, quickly identifying his opponents' weaknesses, and forming strategies to block the plans of his enemies. She has very strong will and during a fight she never gives up, thinking that losing would be same as dying and she doesn't want to die before she has had her fight with her brother.

It is rather easy to make Fierra mad. When being mad she can be even more reckless but because of that she uses her full force, not holding back and can even surpass her own strength. Although she might seem like a carefree person she is rather hard working and doesn't like just to waste time, rather she would train or do a job to earn some money. Fierra had some-why developed a very good sense of smell, specially smelling things other than humans.

History Fierra was born in one very small island in Biso Kingdom. It didn't even have a single town, just one village where few people lived. All of them were mages though. She was born as second child in the family, having a 2 years older brother. When she was born her father and mother both lived together. Both of them were mages, one fire and other lightning. One of them was almost always missing from the home, going to mainland to do some jobs and bring food home, it was like that in most of the families. Fierra also had a very interesting and joyful grandfather who lived on the island, just like others he was a mage aswell.

Her parents and grandparent cared about her very much, the brother didn't like her at first though because she got most of the attention. Over time her brother started taking care of her though, they did a lot of things together, like running, fishing, working. When Fierra was 8 years old his grandfather started teaching her and her brother some magic, a magic that he himself had invented. They were both very happy and took the training because they wanted to be like their parents. The magic was very hard to master and it took Fierra about 3 years to actually start turning her body to fire. Her brother was very talented in the magic and thus learned it earlier than Fierra had.

Although his brother was much more talented Fierra wasn't jealous at him because his brother always staid friendly and didn't act cocky. He sometimes even gave some tips to girl.Their parents didn't actually know that their children were learning magic and when they did they were rather happy. His father acted little funny at first since his fire magic wasn't so advanced as kids', he was still better though. Their mother promised to teach them Lightning Magic someday when they were older and stronger. That inspired kids very much and they started working even harder.

When Fierra was 13 years old his brother left from the island. He wanted to see the world with his own two eyes, his parents agreed with it, grandpa aswell. Although Fierra was little sad at first she later accepted the fact and made a promise the day when her brother left, „One day when we meet, we are going to fight with our all.“ Fierra was very happy about that and started working very hard, she didn't want to lose to her brother the day they would fight after all.

When Fierra was 14 years old she decided to leave aswell. She wasn't nearly as strong as her brother but she decided that if she would want to become stronger than he, she would need to start traveling and gain a lot of experience. She got a green light from her parents and grandfather so she started traveling aswell, hoping that she wouldn't meet her brother too early.


Stats - 66
Strength: 6 (5+1)
Accuracy: 18 (15+3)
Stamina: 11 (10+1)
Speed: 19 (16+3)
Magic: 10 (20)

Stat Points Earned: 0/16
Scales Earned 1,500,000/1,700,000

June Event - 10SP; 1,500,000 Scales
House and Ant - 6SP; 100,000 Scales

Magic Name: Combustinoto
Magic Tier: 1
Magic Type: Fire Magic
Rank: 2
Magic Description: Combustinoto is quite new magic created by Fierra's grandfather. It doesn't much differ from other fire magics, but it still has some own characteristicts. The user of this magic is able to turn his/her own body completely in fire, not just coat herself with fire but to actually turn herself into fire, making a lot of attacks uneffecive against her. It has some minuses of course since the user of this magic can't deal with water very well, user is still able to swin though but not as effectivly. The user of this magic can't also handle the lack of oxigen very well. Also users body is more hotter, the heat rises when user is madder. Normally it stays around 60°, but when user may be angered the heat may even rise to almost 200°. The user of this magic can use fire based attack though that are stronger than normal, for example a fire ball. The user is also able to control any types of fire, like normal fire or even magic which is infused with magical power. Fierra can also eat fire, having a full dummy and recovering some stamina. It also gives her power up but not much. She can't eat her own fire, it can be normal or created by some other mage.
At Fierra's current magic level her flames are Red but Dull.
Techniques: (4/4)

Flame Body - 1
Type: Supportive
Range: Self
Effect: With this technique Fierra turns herself into flames. She can do so with only some of her body parts but with full body aswell. She can form her body into any shapes while in her fire form, for example she has completely became fire then she can make a fire ball out of herself. This is rather useful since normal attacks like arrows, punches and slices don't work on her if she is quick enough to react. Attacks which have 3 times magical power as Fierra also work, also water techniques work. At current level her body heat isn't very much and the color of flame is dull red.

Fire Gun - 1
Type: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Effect: Pointing the index and middle fingers of both hands at an opponent like guns, Fierra turns her fingertips into flames and shoots bullets made of fire at them.

Fire Skates - 1
Type: Supportive
Range: Self
Effect: Fierra uses her magic abilities to create flames under her feet and then rise into air a little. It sorta gives her the ability to fly, currently not very high though. Fire Skates also increase her speed a little. They can also be turned into attack if pointing the skate against opponent or just kicking him/her with it.

Fire Empress - (1)
Type: Offensive
Range: 50 Meters
Effect: Fierra's current most powerful fire based technique. Fierra first places both of her hands into air. Then she creates a gigantic fireball resembling the sun over her head and hurls it at her opponent to try to obliterate them. The color of fireball is orange, showing that it is more hotter than Fierra's normal flame which is red. It takes quite large amount of magical power and the fireball isn't very big right now, about the size of 10 basketballs put together. It can still cause a great damage though.

(This magic works similar to Mera Mera no Mi used by Ace from One Piece.)



Theme Song:

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PostSubject: Re: Fierra Tempest   Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:54 am

Change your magic tier to 1, it is Fire Manipulation but still advanced.

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PostSubject: Re: Fierra Tempest   Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:14 pm

Edits done!

Also I just want to ask something, after I have turned Fierra's body completely in fire do I also burn her clothes? I would like to get them back, just to avoid nudity.
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PostSubject: Re: Fierra Tempest   Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:15 pm


Kirin Dreyar • Job: Roshio Gang: Beginning • Lightning Dragon Slayer • Reputation: 0 • SP: 69 • Scales: 1,150,000 • Location: Star Town
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PostSubject: Re: Fierra Tempest   

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Fierra Tempest
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