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 Prince Eligor

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PostSubject: Prince Eligor   Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:43 am

Account Name: NPC

Name: Prince Eligor Leopold Oberon XIII
Nickname: Your/His Eminence, Lord Eligor
Age: Specified in a future quest
Race: Presumed human
Gender: Male
Height: 238 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Reputation: 100
Class: A
Faction: Templehof
Affiliation: Specified in a future quest

: Looks like a very tall and powerfully built man, his true appearance being concealed by his suit of armor. His glowing-red eyes gaze ominously from the springs of his helmet.
Clothing: The prince wears a massive set of plate armor made of some strange metal. The armor looks like it weights five ton at the very least, but seeing as Eligor moves around in it as if it were a jogging outfit, there must be some kind of powerful magic involved.
Accessories: None visible
Extra: At first glance often mistaken for jewels, fiendish green eyes adorn some places on his armor. Whether they belong to Eligor or to the armor itself is unclear. In either case, it's easy to get the impression that the armor... is alive.

Personality: Eligor talks slowly and with a very deep voice. His manners, stance and tone all indicate his royal status. He doesn't let his calm and dignified posture slip, no matter the circumstances. He respects order, honor and loyalty. The prince is very cruel to traitors and deserters, he means that
those who abandon their allegiances are scum and do not deseve a
honorable fate.

Origins: (Refer to the Templehof Legion page)

History: Prince Eligor was the last regent of the Templehof royal line. During his father's rule, Biso was invaded by the kingdom of Avalon in the Oblivious Crusade war (refer to History of Avalon) and even the army of Templehof, comletely undead at that point and the most powerful military force on the continent, was promptly swept away by Avalon's paladins. Eligor's father was killed in a battle. Seing no need to storm the city itself, king Elan of Avalon ordered all the crop fields around it burned and salted. Nothing would grow there for a good century. Even following Avalon's subsequent civil war and collapse, Templehof would never recover from the famine. Meanwhile, after his father's death, Eligor was now the ruler of the city. Seeing that it was doomed and there was nothing he could do to keep his people from dying a slow death by starvation, he came up with a peculiar solution. He called upon the Loge of Nercomancers, who were responsible for animating Templehof's army, to conduct a mass "bind soul" ritual which would prevent the soul from leaving the body even after its vital functions have ceased. Since this made the subject nearly immortal, it was very useful for soldiers. But Eligor then ordered it on normal citizens as well, in order for them to ignore the looming famine, and then lift the spell when the crops come back. But they never did...

Soul Severer [A-rank]
An enchanted sword which rends the soul as well as the body on impact. The sheer weight of the sword and its astral-dispelling properties render most physical and magical defences useless.

- 500
Strength: 120
Stamina: -
Speed: 100
Magic: 100 [200]

Magic Tier: 1
Magic Type: Spirit Magic
Rank: A-rank
Magic Description: Using his sword as conduit, Eligor can kill his enemies by aborting the link between their soul and body.

Techniques: (used/maximum)

Slay Living
Type: Offensive
Range: 20m radius
Effect: Eligor forcefully swings his sword in a wide arc around him, sending out a spiritual shockwave that severs the lives of creatures in a large radius around him. Does not work on undead or constructs.

Slay Dead
Type: Offensive
Range: 60m radius
Effect: Eligor raises his sword high into the air, releasing a severing pulse from it that dispels animation magic on all undead and constructs within a wide radius, turning them into crumpling piles of bones. Has no effect on living creatures.

Dominate Living
Type: Offensive
Range: Melee
Effect: Eligor grabs an enemy and impales them with his sword. The body
is killed, but the sword's spirit magnetism prevents the soul from
leaving the body at the time of death, thus rendering it stuck in the
body forever. Eligor can them manipulate his freshly baked undead puppet
as he pleases. Does not work on undead or constructs.

Current Master: Midnight Moon
Current State: Active
Current Mana: 10%
Current Emotion: Indifference
Disposition to Master: Doubtful
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PostSubject: Re: Prince Eligor   Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:02 am


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Prince Eligor
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