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PostSubject: Bisutto   Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:44 am

Name: Bisutto

Characteristics: When in normal form they look like regular old humans. But if they are able to unlock their sub form, they are able to transform into it. Their sub form has pitch black markings that match their beast spirit, their eyes are normal with red, dragon eyes. Other bodily changes occur as well. An example would be sharp, pointed teeth and nails. If they are able to unlock their final, true form, their body takes on more markings, and their body starts growing certain parts of their beast spirit. An example would be a tail, scales, and so forth. Their eyes be come black, and their eyes become a blood red, dragon eye. Their skin also becomes a complete snow white color.

Special Abilities: Even in their normal form, they are able to control their five senses. An example would be turning up their sight to see far distances as if they were close by, smell things like an animal, hear sounds from long distances, or even lower their sense of touch to where they could feel no pain. Or where they were basically blind, could not smell a thing, or taste anything at all. But this also has downsides. An example would be, a bright flash of light when their sight is increased, a loud noise like an explosion when their hearing is up, something that smells awful while their sense of smell is increased, and not being able to tell when their body is at its limits, if they have any broken bones, or serious wounds. All Bisutto have a beast spirit in which their personality usually relates to. Their beast spirit is what unlocks their basic survival instincts.

Class C + Only
Their sub form has to be unlocked and is rare to be unlocked. It takes something as close as their death to unlock their beast spirit's instinct to survive. Their stats increase a little when in this form, giving them more strength, stamina, and speed than they did in their normal form. But with this increase, they lose some of their mind while in this state, though their mind returns to normal when they revert back to human form. It takes alot of training with this form to be able to stay in most control over yourself, so those that enter it a couple times at first won't really be able to control themselves, but will be able to tell friend from foe. Their bodies develope markings that resemble their beast spirit and usually minor bodily transformations occur. Like sharp, pointed teeth or claws, a few scales, and so forth.

Class A+ only
Their final form has to be unlocked after their sub form and is even more rare to be unlocked. It takes something like being unable to help a true loved one while in their sub form. Then their beast spirit's true self starts to become fully awakened and their true instincts arrive. Their stats increase by a little more like they did in their sub form. And just like their sub form, they lose themselves more to their beast spirit. Though, in their final form, they lose most of themselves and are unable to tell friend from foe unless they have gotten used to this form. Their bodies become more like their animal spirit. The markings become more detailed and more appear over their body. Their body also undergoes more transformation. Like growing a tail, scales covering certain parts of the body in a pattern, and so forth. Some even grow wings.

After their bodies have reverted back to normal, they become unconscious. This is so their bodies can undergo a healing process. Even when in human form, when they sleep their bodies heal themselves till their bodies are back to normal. All bleeding stops, poison is pumped out of the body, and wounds like cuts, broken bones, and even blood begin to heal or multiply. In human form, they usually don't put much strain on their body so the max amount of days they normally sleep to heal is seven days at most, though most of the time a good nights rest would suffice to most normal wounds. After becoming unconscious and reverting back to human form from their sub form, they usually sleep depending on how much they did and how much damage they've taken while in the sub form. Usually a few weeks or a few months would completely heal them. The same goes for their true form as it did with their sub form, except, it usually takes a couple months to even a year, though sometimes it could just be a day or to. It all depends on the amount of damage they've taken and how much they pushed themselves past their bodies normal limits.

Origin: Their origin is from a land far away from the continents. A few arrived in the continents a few years ago. All those that live their have yet to unlock their transformations, so only the Bisutto know of their ability to obtain stronger forms. All that is known about them is that they have healing abilities while they sleep, and that they have control over their five senses. And that they are perfect warriors. Some have even joined the royal guard.

Special Stats:

Normal Form:

Sub Form:
+5 Strength
+3 Stamina.
+3 Speed

True Form:
+10 Strength
+5 Stamina
+5 Speed

Other Notes: They have no affinity for magic, so all Bisutto are warriors, archers, and so forth. Sometimes they even have some minor magic resistance when in their sub or true form.

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PostSubject: Re: Bisutto   Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:10 am


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