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 Mirage Waterfall

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PostSubject: Mirage Waterfall    Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:04 am

Name: Mirage Waterfall

Location: East Continent, it is hidden deep inside the mountains.

Description: Mirage Waterfall is deep inside the mountains. Not many people know it's location, most of those who know are elders or people living somewhere near there. The waterfall is very gorgeous, it falls into one lake with very clear water. If you would look at the water you would see the bottom of the lake. There is a mild rock in the middle of a lake about the size to fit one grown up person sitting there. The waterfall and lake are both rather small though. The lake is surrounded by green grass and some trees.

Mirage Waterfall has magical abilities. It can create a clone of one person. It can be created when a person meditates on the rock which is in the middle of a lake. The person must also face a waterfall and when he/she is completely calm and opens his eyes the one who was meditating can see their spitting image walking trough the waterfall. The clone possesses the exact same abilities that the one meditating possessed. The clone is just an illusion. Only the one who was meditating can see it. Although the clone is just an illusion it can still damage the one who summoned it and even kill. For example when the clone should stab it's summoner then the summoner will get hurt. Clone can't attack any other than the summoner though. The clone possesses same abilities as the person who can see it. Clone doesn't vanish until it is killed or before it kills the one who summoned it. It is very good if someone should want to discover his/her weak points or just spar with someone his level.

Legend goes that Dragons were the ones who created the waterfall to train themselves since there were no one who could match their power. On the lake shore there is a stone. There is a sentence graved on it, "Who ever damages the waterfall shall feel the wrath of their bones who created it." The stone has scared people so much that no one has actually tried to harm the place.
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PostSubject: Re: Mirage Waterfall    Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:09 pm


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Mirage Waterfall
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