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PostSubject: Stark   Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:21 pm

Account Name: Lone Coyote

Name: Stark
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 175 cm (5'9")
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs.)
Reputation: 0
Class: D
Affiliation: Neutral

Physical Description: Stark is rather handsome looking young man who stands 175 centimeters tall and weights 61 kilograms. Stark doesn't have very muscular body. He has pale rather white skin resembling that of a vampire's. He is rather cold when touched. Young man has black wavy hair, sometimes covering his face a little. He has crimson colored eyes.
Clothing: Stark wears very simple clothing. On top of his body he wears black cloak that almost reaches to his feet. The cloak also has a hood. Inside of the cloak is dark red. Under the cloak he wears gray long pants with two pockets. Pants aren't visible unless he removes his black cloak. Stark doesn't wear a shirt. He also wears black boots with black boots with black straps. His clothes give him somewhat dark look.
Accessories: N/A
Extra: N/A

Personality Stark is very quiet person. He prefers keeping to himself and not talking with other people since he isn't very good at it. He speaks very slowly and quietly. He always makes little pause before finishing the sentence [Example: "I am Sta-rk"; "Hello it is pleasure to meet y-ou."]. He doesn't like company much and thus pushes a lot of people away before even trying to start a relationship with them. When he should take a liking into someone and that someone should be in danger he gets very mad though. He hardly takes a liking to anyone though. He is fearing that he might lose the person close to him again like what happened to his parents and foster-parents (animals). Normally Stark is very calm and never shows any emotion, making his mood very hard to read.

Although Stark might be little confident when talking to people he is quite confident in his battle skills. He never turns a challenge down but before fighting he introduces himself with his first name like a noble knight. He doesn't know his family name so he can't say that... When fighting he mostly uses weapons, ex-quipping from one to another to make effective combos. He sometimes ex-quips armors aswell but right now it is rather pointless as he doesn't have any good ones.

Stark has pretty good skills in carpenter and blacksmith skills. He can't go and make a quality ship by himself right now but he is able to make one that at least floats on the water. He has personally created a ship that has lasted over 6 months on the sea and can still keep going. He can also pour some swords, axe heads and things like that but just like with creating ships he can't make one very sharp. His skills are about half way. Stark is rather intelligent and can come up with good way to get out of a pinch sometimes.

History Stark was born at one island which is yet to be discovered by Government. It remains in Biso Kingdom borders though. Stark, His father named Jacob and his mother named Lily were only people living on the island. They got their food from the island as it was covered with lush crops like exotic fruits. Also fishing was available there. Island didn't have much animals though, those who were there were mostly little ones about the size of rabbit. Since their father and mother got all items needed for living from nature they had a lot of time to spend with Stark. Although his parents seemed rather normal they were both mages, Jacob Clone Mage and Lily Ex-Quip mage. Both of them wrote a little book about both magics so Stark would be able to read them and learn when he would get older.

When Stark was only 4 years old he wandered off a little by himself. By that time he already knew how to walk and to
talk, even read. The island was little rough for him to handle though and thus he got lost quite quickly. After his parents noticed that he had gone missing they quickly started searching for them. After some time they found Stark but it was already too late. Stark had gone and did it, he had putted some poison berries to his mouth. Their parents were shocked and quickly tried to remove the berries but it was too late. They were very very sad and both of them started eating the berries aswell to get their own death with the baby. They ate a lot more than the child had, Stark had only putted 2 berries into his mouth and he managed to survive, it was a different story with his parents though.

Stark didn't understand what had happened at that time but the animals on the island understood. They took him under their care and treated Stark like their very own child. After eating only 2 berries he got terribly sick though but managed to come out of it. After that his skin had been pale and white. After getting out from his sickness he managed to survive rather easily being feed by animals. His life from
that moment on was rather easy, he had understood what happened with his parents though and that made him lonely from the inside. He left from the animal's care after he was 12 as they both died, father animals before and mother animal after. They didn't have any babies because Stark consumed a lot of their time. Over the time he had grew attach to animals though and that made him even more sadder.

Stark started wandering around the island. When he was 14 years old he found the house where he and his parents had lived. He also found their written books which was filled with magic knowledge. He didn't start learning it though as he planned on getting away from the island. He didn't know anything about boats at that time so he started coming up with things which would float on water by himself. It took him 2 years to build a decent ship out of wood. Of course he didn't waste all his time on working with just the ship. He had to train his body aswell so he could chop down the tree. Also create himself an axe, he made one out of stone. Polishing his carpenter skills aswell, it was very difficult work for him.

After his difficult work he set out on the sea though. After sailing for about 6 months he had visited many different islands till he finally reached at Center Continent. While traveling a lot of different islands he had also gained himself some equipment. It was all rather hard to carry though so he started learning about Ex-Quip magic. After some time he had learned it and finally decided to get to know more about the world. Because of the huge amount of time he had spent by himself though he had somewhat became a loner who doesn't have huge vocabulary and isn't very good in communicating with other people.


D Ranked Katana
D Ranked 2x Club
C Ranked Saber

C Ranked Chainmail Shirt

Book about Ex-Quip Magic
Book about Clone Magic

Stats - 45
Strength: 8
Accuracy: 10
Stamina: 10
Speed: 15
Magic: 1 (2)

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Scales Earned 100,000/100,000


Magic Name: Ex-Quip
Magic Tier: 4
Magic Type: Ex Equip Magic/Requip Magic
Rank: 1
Magic Description: Stark has the ability to store weapons and armors in other dimension and then summon them at her body any given moment. Stark can also change clothes like that if wanted.
Techniques: (1/2)

Ex-Quip - 1
Type: Supportive
Range: Self
Effect: This is the ability to call to the magical storage that is accessible only to those using Ex-equip magic which lets them call to their equipment and summon it to their body at any time or even switch it in and out with other items in the magic storage so they can change its availability.



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PostSubject: Re: Stark   Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:16 pm


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