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 Dragons, Dragon Slayer Magic and You

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PostSubject: Dragons, Dragon Slayer Magic and You   Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:41 am

Dragons and Dragon Slayers Magic

"Dragons are intelligent beings that apparently live in solitude not wishing to meddle in human affairs. This lifestyle makes most people think they
don't exist. They are extremely powerful creatures, so powerful that a form of magic had to be created to combat them. Each dragon seems to control a variety of the elements."

Dragons are a big part of Dragonia. They are the basis of the Dragon Slayer magic - a magic which can only be taught by the dragons. There are 12 know Dragons in this Dragonia Universe and they are:

- Igneel, the Fire Dragon (Male)
- Metalicana, the Iron Dragon (Male)
- Grandine, the Sky Dragon (Female)
- Ceteus, the Water Dragon (Female)
- Fulminis, the Lightning Dragon (Male)
- Venurium, the Poison Dragon (Female)
- Tellurisi, the Earth Dragon (Male)
- Mokalure, the Smoke Dragon (Female)
- Hyouta, the Ice Dragon (Male)
- Lucisana, the Light Dragon (Female)
- Daruui, the Dark Dragon (Male)
- Queen Illiona, the Queen Dragon (Female) - Element Unknown

Another point of interest about learning Dragon Slayer magic is that you'll have to either find the dragon you wish to learn it from or just create your character with the magic. The dragons, seeing as they prefer to be out of the way of human beings, change their hiding places all the time. However, they leave a riddle and a set of tasks behind them which lead to their position - riddles and tasks only for the bravery of heart and cunning of mind. The starting point for each path to a dragon will be set and you must make your way there. At the starting point you will meet a "guide" who will assist you as much as they can (which is very little, I'm afraid).

There are three stages of Dragon Slayer magic. They are:

- Basic Force
- Strong Force
- Dragon Force

Before getting trough the stages let's look what Dragon Slayer Magic exactly is in the first place. The Dragon Slayer magic is a specialized form of magic which can only be learned from the dragons themselves. Dragon Slayer allows the user, to a certain degree, transform their body into that of a Dragon. As a result of this, those with Dragon Slayer abilities are able to change their body to their own element, in both offensive and defensive styles. They can also consume external sources of their natural element to replenish themselves, although it has been demonstrated that certain foreign substances will substantially increase their power. Dragon Slayers also have an incredible sense of smell. Dragon Slayer magic is the only magic in whole Dragonia that can actually penetrate Dragon's Scales.

Rank 1-3 Dragon Slayer magic is in the Basic Force range. This means you have limited control over your element, you can eat your element, your element can't effect you (if used against you) and you have limited Dragon-like senses. Rank 4-8 Dragon Slayer magic is in the Strong Force range. This means you have good control over your element, your element can't effect you (if used against you) and you have heightened dragon-like senses. Rank 9-10 Dragon Slayer magic is in the Dragon Force range. This means you have extremely strong control over your element, you can eat your element, your element can't effect you whatsoever, you have senses the same as a Dragon and you can enter into the Dragon Force state (required to be a technique of atleast rank 9). This technique extremely heightens your power and the strength of your element.

There is another note you must know when creating a Dragon Slayer. There can only be one Dragon Slayer from each element, so if someone has claimed Fire Element then no one else can take it before the previous owner hasn't quit the site or deleted his character. Everyone is allowed to create only one Dragon Slayer, so if you have created one you can't create a second one. One more fact, if you should delete your Dragon Slayer you can't create New one until you have gained a special permission from Head Admin. Also, if you want to create a Dragon Slayer you must get permission from one of the admins. You must have some Role Playing skills since I don't want beginners to pick up Dragon Slayer Magic because that might affect the plot when someone is not going to follow their stat system, magic power, god mods etc.

I am also giving you a little note that if you should have a Dragon Slayer and you role play, making 2 liners and those kind of posts, you will get very few Scales and max 2 SP from a topic.

Open/Closed Elements

  • Fire (Closed)
  • Iron
  • Sky (Taken by Lone Coyote)
  • Water
  • Lightning (Take by Lightning)
  • Poison
  • Earth
  • Smoke
  • Ice
  • Light (Closed)
  • Dark (Closed)

-If you have any more element suggestions please contact with Head Admin trough Chat Box or PM. Thank you for your time.

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Dragons, Dragon Slayer Magic and You
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