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 Wendy Dragneel

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PostSubject: Wendy Dragneel    Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:00 am

Account Name: Lone Coyote

Name: Wendy Dragneel
Nickname: Sky Sorceress
Age: 12
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 121 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Reputation: 0
Class: D
Affiliation: Neutral

Physical Description: Wendy is quite cute looking girl with slim body and white skin. She is rather short and has a quite flat chest since it hasn't started developing yet. She has long dark blue hair which is normally tied into two long tails, she also likes to keep it open. Wendy has brown eyes. Sky Sorceress has little longer canine teeth than normal humans since it is quite common for Dragon Slayers. She doesn't wear any make-up nor wears a nail coloring... She likes to keep things natural.
Clothing: Wendy's clothing can vary as she doesn't like to be in same clothing all the time. She wears her different clothes in back-bag which she always carries on her back while traveling. It is brown but not very big.
Her favorite clothes or costume is one where she keeps her dark blue hair in two long tail with dark red cat ear like hair ties. Then she wears a loose shirt that matches hair tie color. It has long sleeves and some white lines on it. On her chest spot she has a yellow bow which is kinda like her trademark since she always wears one. The shoulders are also white. She also wears a dark blue skirt with a white line in the bottom. With that outfit she also wears long dark blue socks that reach above her knees. Lastly she wears light blue flats.
Her second outfit is little more simpler. With that she simply wears blue dress with black zigzag lines. Once again she has yellow bow on her chest place. With this outfit she doesn't wear flats, rather she wears black dress shoes with white socking.
Lastly for her third out fit, also rather simple, she has a violet short sleeved shirt. It has some yellow buttons in the middle. Once again she wears a bow, with this outfit white normally goes though. With this outfit she also wears a white short skirt. Lastly she wears white sandals.
Accessories: She always wears a necklace with letter G. It is very precious to her as Grandine, her foster-mother gave it to her.
Extra: N/A

Personality Wendy is kind and polite young girl. She can sometimes be little shy and blush a lot, mostly when she is complimented. She is rather friendly and doesn't push people away from herself, she actually little likes to talk with people but normally speaks with quiet tone while being shy. Although being little shy girl she is still a girl and thus likes different types of clothes. She wears different outfit almost every day. Young girl isn't very confident in her skills (though she wants to be) and thus before a fight she normally says something like "Please go easy on me" or "I try to give my best." Wendy doesn't like fighting, specially with humans. She could go and kill a demon if she would be powerful enough but not a human. Wendy has rather kind heart and always tries to help people who need help so she can be used rather easily.

Wendy has a passion which is cooking. She is very good at it as she has cooked meals for about 5 or 6 years. Wendy loves to discover different type of tastes so if she should slay an animal she normally cooks it. She is normally rather friendly with animals though and only kills if she needs food or when she really wants to cook one animal. Wendy is rather skilled in hunting as a dragon taught it to her. Young girl respects all animals just like she respects her „mother“ who is a dragon. Being a Dragon Slayer she has very good sense of smell but also a especially good taste. She gets really mad if someone should say that dragons doesn't exist, that really irritates her. She is very proud about the fact that she is a daughter of a dragon. The necklace Grandine gave her is really precious to her and she protects it no matter whats the cost.

History About 12 years ago on one island a young girl was born. They named her Airy but after few weeks the girl was born the island fell under Dark Mages attack. Her parents tried to protect their child with their lives. They ended up sending the girl out on a sea with a little raft, hoping that she would be spotted by some ship as quickly as possible. Some minutes later her parents were killed and she drifted on the sea alone, being a little child she didn't understand what had happened and was drifting there with a cute smile on her face. She was rather cold being on a sea there so her smile turned to tears and cry quickly.

After drifting on the sea aimlessly about 1 hour, luckily avoiding being eaten by fishes a dragon named Grandine flew above her. She had drifted somewhere quite quiet place where not many people visited. The dragon spotted the child but wasn't going to save the child as Dragons were supposed not to meddle with human affairs. Dragon was kind though and after few second she turned around and flew above the girl, placing young one to her palm and flying away with her to one island above the clouds which no humans knew about. The Dragon couldn't leave a human child without a name, she didn't know where she came from and thus she also didn't know her real name. Grandine named young girl Wendy.

Grandine took care of the girl, fed her, brought her new clothes as she grew bigger. Over the time she also taught young girl how to walk and talk. Grandine also taught her letters and even how to hunt. Dragon grew very attached to the girl and somewhat acted as her foster-mother. When Wendy was old enough Grandine started teaching her Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, an ancient magic which is used to Slay Dragons. Wendy was very charmed by Magic and always gave her best to learn it, she was very hard working girl. When Wendy learned her first spell Grandine gifted her a Necklace made out of some kind of white, hard and mysterious mineral. Wendy put it around her neck and hasn't take it off ever since.

When Wendy was 6 years old she took very huge interest in cooking. Grandine was very good at it and taught Wendy how to make most delicious of meals. Young girl secretly started practicing a little fire magic but Grandine found out about it and forbid it saying that she isn't ready to learn new magic before Sky Dragon Slayer magic is mastered. Wendy was little mad at Grandine but listened to her since she was very grateful to the dragon. Grandine never spoke to Wendy that she wasn't her real parent thus even now Wendy thinks that she is a daughter of a dragon. At some point Grandine had to leave from Wendy's life. It was rather sudden, Grandine left only a little note to Wendy, “I am really sorry that I have to leave you, I cannot tell you the reason. Be sure to practice Magic every day. By the way your full name is Wendy Dragneel. Stay strong, I hope we can meet someday again my child.” When Wendy woke up she was already transported to land. She read trough the note several times and was very sad as she wondered the land, knowing nothing much about the world.

After little time, about 1 day or so, she met a boy some years older than her. He was a traveler and felt little sorry for the girl and so he ended up taking her under his wing. The boy taught her a lot of things about the world, they became great friends while traveling together. They often exchanged stories, most of them made up and always had a smile on their faces. Wendy was little sad though that Grandine had left though. When young girl was around 10 years old the boy had to leave also, once again for unknown reasons. He carried the girl to one city while she was sleeping and left her under one old man's care. Like Grandine he left a note also, “I must leave. I can't take you with me since it would be too dangerous. -Gerard”
Wendy was even more sad that she was left twice... She decided to stay strong though and someday find them both. She left some days after the boy had brought her to the house and started traveling, wanting to become stronger. She said her best to old man and walked off from the house. Now she has traveled few years and reached Biso Kingdom. It is time for her journey to begin...


Stats - 45
Strength: 1
Accuracy: 2
Stamina: 10
Speed: 2
Magic: 15 (30)

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Scales Earned 100,000/100,000


Magic Name: Sky Dragon Slayer Magic
Magic Tier: 1
Magic Type: Dragon Slayer - Sky
Rank: 2
Magic Description: Wendy is the Dragon slayer of the Sky. Being a sky Dragon Slayer means she has the ability to manipulate air. Wendy can eat air, but it doesn't taste very good on polluted areas. Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is little special, having the power to heal people. Her magic allows her to heal people from the most serious of injuries, even those caused by a dragon, allowing her to use even a kiss to heal other people and can even counteract other magic. The Dragon Slayer healing magic is so powerful that she can even revive people when she has became more powerful.
As she is very young her healing magic drains a lot of energy from her. She might faint by healing sever injuries.
Since it is Dragon Slayer magic is also has the ability to manipulate air to form wind based attacks. Like every Dragon Slayer magic this one is fairy powerful also, able to penetrate even Dragon Scales when user should be very strong.
Wendy's techniques are weaker when she is in areas with polluted air, in the other hand they are stronger when she should be in areas with nice and fresh air.

Techniques: (2/2)

Sky Dragon's Roar - (1)
Type: Offensive
Range: 25 Meters
Effect: An air version of Dragon's Roar. When using this attack, she breathes a hurricane-like blast at her target. It is powerful enough to deal several minor cuts on opponent's body and send them flying pretty hard. It can be also used to blow things away from her, like thrown knives and such.

Low Level Healing - (1)
Type: Supportive
Range: 1 Meter
Effect: A special technique used by Sky Dragon Slayers. It is a beginner spell which allows Wendy to heal target. With this Wendy first forms white aura around her hands and then rises her hands above target's wounds. It is more powerful that normal healing magic, able to close small wounds instantly. Also it can stop bleeding rather easily, even with heavy wounds. With this technique she is also able to heal target's inner wounds, like inner bleeding and such. Also cure posion, not remove it from the body but make it not poisonous. Healing inner wounds takes little more time though and consumes more magical energy.
It consumes quite much of Wendy's magical power and as she is still a kid she often ends up being rather tired after healing.



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PostSubject: Re: Wendy Dragneel    Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:14 pm


Unless any Admins have anything to point out if I have missed something.

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Wendy Dragneel
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