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PostSubject: Devils   Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:31 pm

NOTE that this species is only suited for experienced roleplayers and permission from at least two different admins is needed before making a devil character.


Characteristics:Nearly infinite lifespan with naturally developing magical capacity. They usually start by dabbling in simple arcane knowledge such as fire magic, but because of they're basically immune to aging, elder devils would have attained enough skill over the millenia to bend time and space at will.

Younger, or "lesser" devils, are not much better than humans in terms of gereral abilitity. On the contrary, they are forced to spend most of their time eating while in the human world, and their diet doesn't make it any easier for them.

Origin: Not to be confused with demons, devils are the nobility and royalty of the Etherealm. The Etherealm is a parallell world beside Dragonia, residing in another dimension and inhabited by a different spectre of creatures. Like the human world, it has different continents and climates, and of course society and hierarchy.

Most of living things there are demons, semi-intelligent creatures of varying sizes, shapes and attitudes. Contrary to belief in the human world, not all demons and devils are evil, far from it. It's that criminals get "banished" to the human world, where they wreak general havoc and give their entire races a bad name. Not that the devils care though, they usually have little business in the human realm so a good reputation isn't necessary.

Devils spend most of their time researching and perfecting their arts of philosphy and magic, always trying to achieve higher levels of wisdom to understand the "Concept of the Universe" as they call it. This "concept" involves discussing things like infinity, eternity and other big questions that can't be answered very fast or easily.

Devils reside mostly in small cities or castles. Even though they live pretty much forever, they aren't very numerous because of their slow reproduction. They long lifespans don't mean immortality however, as they can still be killed. If they travel to the human dimension, which they rarely do, they can't be killed there but will only be banished when their body is ruined (in gameplay terms this equals death, though). To destroy a devil, one must travel from the Standard Realm to the Etherealm and kill them there. Humanity seems to be a million years too early for that level of phase magic, with no exaggeration.

Special Stats: At their "young" age (the only age at which PCs are allowed). Immunity to mental effects, both good and bad, such as emotions, fear, shock, inspiration, confusion, zeal, rage and mind control among other things. While devils do get tired, normal food and sleep doesn't restore their fatigue, leaving their "diet" as the only means of replenishing energy. As devils gets older, their sleeping magical abilities awaken, enabling them to more easily grasp arcane arts. Divine abilities such as future sight and necromancy are innate and unlock at higher levels. The downside with the race is described below.

While in the human world, devils must consume raw life or mana of other
creatures in order to sustain themselves in the Standard Realm. Just any creature won't do,
only sentient and intelligent races that can mold mana are fit to become
food. Mature members of the race can drain the energy magically, but
younger individes must actually eat people to get their nutrition. This,
of course, isn't looked kindly upon by the mortal society. Devils are almost never seen here to begin with, and are met with prejudice and hostility for the reasons described in Origins.

Examples of Devils:


Examples of demons (extra)
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PostSubject: Re: Devils   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:03 pm


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