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 Stat System

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PostSubject: Stat System   Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:51 am

Stat System

Since such a large part of the Dragonai Universe revolves around combat, I here at Dragonia have decided to implement a stat-system -one that revolves around five basic statistics- and combine it with free form Roleplay to make an interesting and fun experience. These primary statistics make up the main ways in which a character will fight, and reflect the skills that a character has in these areas. These statistics are:


These stats all combine to showcase how your character acts in battle and in the world as well. However, all these stats combine, and the intricacies between them revolves around the Magic stat. A character with higher strength stats will have more power in their magic than one without it. Same goes for the others; if someone has more speed they will be able to execute their spells faster than another with less. Below is a categorization of what these stats do, and what the relative feats they can achieve at each level. Bear in mind, there isn't that big of a difference between a 49 in strength and a 50, but that is simply where the categories change. There is no cut-off point, we have simply categorized them to 100 for simplicities sake, but you can go higher. Much higher.

Please also note; stats are not the be-all and end-all of Roleplaying here. A smart RPer with good grammar and skillful thinking can overcome someone with better stats 9 out of 10 times, but they are a guideline to how well your character can act or perform various feats of skill.


Strength is a measure of a character's muscle or physical power. Strength determines how much power is behind a melee attack and how heavy an object a character may lift. It allows them to hold or grapple others as well as to break out of restraints. Effectively, for any task where inertia is changed, strength is the relevant statistic. One with high strength and magic is able to wield more raw power than those without

0-25: - Average: An average human, you can lift or hit with about 2kg for every point of strength.
26-50: - Beastly: Stronger than the avergae bear, you can lift or hit about 3.5kg for every point of strength
51-75: - Monstrous: Truly incredible in your power, you can lift or hit with about 6kg for every point of strength.
76-∞: - Insane: You can shatter rocks with a punch and you can lift or hit with about 8kg for every point of strength.


The Accuracy stat determines a character's depth of perception. It allows you to follow moving objects at certain speeds and act accordingly to it from both a short distance and at a range. It is the main stat for
someones aiming and their reflexes.

0-25: - Average: Basic, every day tasks can be performed at this level. You can see objects moving at a fair speed and can easily punch or attack a slow moving object.
26-60: - Keen: Above average, you can see things at a faster speed. Most game hunters are around this level. You can hit moving objects at 0.5m/s per point of Accuracy.
61-100: - Hawk-eye: Your Accuracy is now exceptional. You can see moving objects moving at a high speed easily and your aim and reflex are extraordinary. You can hit an object moving at a speed of 3m/s per point of Accuracy.
101-∞: - Infallible: Your Accuracy is at a god-like level. You can see moving objects at extremely high speeds and react to them easily. You can hit an object moving at 5m/s per point of Accuracy.


Stamina is how healthy and sturdy someone is. It effects their tolerance to sickness and poison, as well as how many hits they can take before going down. Stamina determines how fast you heal and how long you can endure strenuous activity, such as holding your breath or running. In addition, those with high stamina have much more resistance to extreme hot or cold, and can live for much longer with serious, untreated wounds. In conjunction with magic, stamina refers to how long you can keep up using spells for, and how long it takes to tire or recover.

0-25: - Average: An average human, you could take an average attack or fight/perform at your peak for about 1 minute for every point of stamina.
26-50: - Boulder: You can take a fair few hits, you could take any average attack or a few stronger ones, or fight/perform at your peak for about 2 minute for every point of stamina.
51-75: - Mountainous: Its astounding how strong your body is, you could take most strong attacks or fight/perform at your peak for about 3 minute for every point of stamina.
76-∞: - Giant: Now your simply being obnoxious, you could take any kind of weaker physical attack basically without care or fight/perform at your peak for about 4 minute for every point of stamina.


Speed determines how fast someone's body can move. Higher speeds allow characters to run faster, jump further, and dodge attacks that they're aware of. When this stat is high, the character is more mobile and difficult for enemies to hit under normal circumstances. A character with high speed has their magic move and fire at a higher rate than one without.

0-25: - Average: An average human, you can run at about 2km/h for each point of speed you have.
26-50: - Great: You start to appear hazy when running, you can run at about 4km/h for each point of speed you have.
51-75: - Sonic: Average people can't even see you move, you can run at about 6km/h for each point of speed you have.
76-∞: - Ludicrous: Even other fast people can't see you now, you can run at about 8km/h for each point of speed you have.


Unlike the other stats, where you put one point into the stat and it increases by that point, the magic stat increases a little differently. For every two points you put into your magic stat it increases by 1. We know its a pain, but this is to limit the amount of ridiculously powered magic that we might have early on, and so to make it fair to everyone you need to spend more time training your magic stat than the others.

So, for example:
Quote :
DP Available: 8
Current Magic Stat: 3

Current Magic Stat + DP Available = 3 + (8/2) = 7

However, Magic is not really classed in points compared to the other stats, though points are still applied to it to refer to your characters strength in it. Even though you can still apply points to it, there aren't specific values attributed to the strength in it. Sorry guys, it just doesn't work that way.

For a more detailed look on how Magic works, check out Magic System Topic.
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Stat System
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