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 July Event

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PostSubject: July Event   Sat Jul 03, 2010 5:25 pm

July Event - Grand Wolf Race

-“In a undisclosed island that is located somewhere in the sea always held an event this time around. Because of this even people tend to go here may they be dark mage, light mage or even other affiliations. They all come here for a single purpose… to gamble. Right now they are holding a Wolf race. They used Wolves here to race around the island and people bet on who would win.”

It’s another new month and another new event. Well right now it’s summer for some and the end of summer to others but that won’t stop us from having fun and making risks. This month’s event is more on taking risk to gain more rewards. The more you risk the higher your rewards, but with great risk comes great responsibility. Doing a gamble would make you lose your rewards so you must prepare for the consequences, so enough of these useless introductions and go on to the event itself.

Okay as you would have guess this is a betting event, where members could bet on a wolf or wolves and if their wolf made it, they win. So there are 10 different wolves all numbered from 1 to 10. Members will be given 5,000,000 Scales and 5 Stat Points as starting stuff and you can choose to use them in any numbered Wolf in the race. You can distribute your money to any amount and any number of Wolf. You can post here and pick a number along with how much you are willing to risk on that number. At the 20th July, the results will be posted on the winners. It takes place twice so second race's winnings will be posted at 31st July.

1st place gives you x4 on Scales what you bet and x3 SP.

2nd place gives you x3 on Scales what you bet and x2 SP.

3rd place gives you x2 on Scales what you bet and x1 SP.

This would mean if you are lucky enough to have bet all of your money in a winning Wolf you get 20,000,000 Scales and 15 SP. If you are thinking that you can just take the money then you are wrong.

Quote :

Just to confirm the rules of the event

* There are 10 Wolves to bet on with numbers 1 to 10.

* You have a starting money of 5,000,000 Scales and 5 SP to spend.

* You can bet on any number of Wolf or Wolves.

* When betting on a Wolf your total bet cannot go over your money.

* You cannot give away your starting money to other members for them to bet.

* Closing Date would be July 19 my time GMT +2. For second it is July 30

Just to explain you how I am going to pick the winning wolves (so I wouldn't get the questions from every different person) I am going to use random code.


Random number (1,10) :

Just a little note that I have disabled message editing and message deletion permissions so no one should be able to do it now. Just to avoid cheating. That means that almost everyone can take part, members and moderators. Admins who wish to take part need to PM me. I am going to put you to Moderator Group for 2 days so you can't edit anything. That means you must make your first bets at June 18 or 19, second ones July 29 or 30.

Poor me can't enter...

Kirin Dreyar • Job: Roshio Gang: Beginning • Lightning Dragon Slayer • Reputation: 0 • SP: 69 • Scales: 1,150,000 • Location: Star Town

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July Event
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