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 Area Suggestion Thread

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PostSubject: Area Suggestion Thread   Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:14 pm

So, you've got an awesome idea for a area and you want to get it up on the site? Then here is the place to do it. Post a reply to this topic with the filled in template (which will be posted below) and, if acceptable, your town will be added onto the site.

The areas are only for North, East, South, West and Center Biso Kingdom.

[b]Town Name:[/b] What is the name of the area you are creating?
[b]Location:[/b] Where is it located? North, East, West, South or Central Biso?
[b]Population:[/b] How many inhabitants does the town have?
[b]Racial Division:[/b] What different races live here and how to they relate to eachother?
[b]Culture:[/b] Are there any local customs or quirks here?
[b]Wealth:[/b] Is it a rich and flourishing town or do people starve to death on the streets?
[b]Relations:[/b] Is this town trading with any other settlement, is it at war? What's the attitude towards the capitol (Draconis)?
[b]Military:[/b] Does this town garrison an army, a militia, or is it defenseless?
[b]Brief Description:[/b] Every detail about the area/island is crammed in here into a brief description about the area.

[b]NPCs:[/b]Are there any NPCs which you have created or have been created which live in this town? If so, provide their name and link here.

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PostSubject: Re: Area Suggestion Thread   Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:04 am

Given my moderate experience with political RPs and my permission to tweak rules, I've took liberty to elaborate the template.


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PostSubject: Re: Area Suggestion Thread   Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:02 pm

Town Name: Tower of Dreams
Location: It is at border of Biso Kingdom. The closest continent to it would be West. It is built on a small island big enough to fit the tower.
Population: 1 Person; 1 Black Mage's Soul
Racial Division: Everything goes.
Culture: N/A
Wealth: N/A
Relations: N/A
Military: N/A (Unless you count The Black Mage as military)
Brief Description: Tower of Dreams, also known as R-System is a humongous tower with complicated structure. The tower isn't normal though. If the tower should be built by very evil people it can be used to revive people. It needs a huge amount of magical power though and also a huge amount of sacrifices who must have very big magical power aswell. Most of it depends on the people who they want to revive though.

Right now the tower is only about 10% complete. It resides on a small island just big enough to fit the tower.

Tower of Dreams was first built about 400 years ago. A Dark Genius Mage came up with the building. At that time he was feared over the world known to possess a lot different Ancient and Powerful Black Magics. The Black Mage had also gained immortality so age wasn't a border for him. He commanded all his minions to start building the towers around the world, the reason remained unknown even to his closest slaves. Things went smoothly for about 2 years when Tower of Dreams started falling apart one by one. It was the work of Good Mages. It angered the Black Mage very much. Someway his powers had became weaker so the force of Good Mages was too hard to handle. He escaped to a small island. There he started regaining his powers, never finding out the reason they faded.

Good Mages found out about the island though, one of his closest minions had betrayed him. The good ones came to him with an army of 100, although The Black Mage managed to take out over 80 of them he got little tired... The last ones remaining sealed himself into the island since he couldn't be killed. The sealers were known as top class mages at that time and sued Ancient sealing magic on Black Mage. Now he became a soul without a body, waiting for the time he could break the seal and regain his powers. Although sealing him he was still able to use magic but it was so much weaker and he couldn't leave the island. After about 400 years after his hatred had became too strong. He communicated with some mages telepathically and commanded them to start building the Tower of Dreams on the same island he was sealed. They started creating it, making over 600 people work as slaves there. A large number of people were required since the architecture of tower was very hard.

The Black Mage was mad over them though. He was mad since they had too little hatred. He knew that with so little hatred they could never complete the tower. He always searched for slaves with enough hatred but never found anyone good since their wish for freedom and friendship. One day a very interesting slave came to the Torture Chamber though, the one who could sense his presence. He took a liking into that one kid and killed everyone other in the tower since they would only become a bother. He taught young boy a little magic and sent him off to the world and find a lot of new slaves so they would complete the tower with hatred. Now he is calmly waiting at the island, waiting for the tower completion so he would be revived once more.

NPCs: The Black Mage (Going to create him once the time is right... As a NPC)
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PostSubject: Re: Area Suggestion Thread   

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Area Suggestion Thread
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