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PostSubject: Zeref   Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:39 pm

Account Name: Zeref/Wise Cat

Name: Zeref
Nickname: N/A
Age: 7
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 117 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Reputation: 0
Class: D
Affiliation: Dark

Physical Description: Zeref is a evil looking young boy with slender body build. He has dark red hair. Zeref has rather unique hairdo. Th Hair almost reaches down to his shoulders, while some hair bangs are covering his forehead. There are two horn looking shapes decorating the top of his head, a trait which he got after turning evil. There are also some smaller horns around it. His eyebrows are quite unusual shaped aswell. Young boy has round looking dark red eyes, giving him somewhat creepy look.
Clothing: Zeref wears quite common clothing. First of all he wears a black sweater type clothing covering his upper body. Sleeves are rather long, covering about half of his palms. It has white neck with dark red black buttons. His sweater also has white cuffs, like neck they have two dark red buttons also. Moving below he wears black pants, qutie neat looking pants. The color matches his sweater color. It can be closed with one dark red button and a zipper. Lastly he wears black dress-shoes. His outfit gives him somewhat noble look.
Accessories: N/A
Extra: N/A

Personality Zeref was once a boy with kind heart. It changed after he was tortured and meeting a certain Black Mage. In hours his personality took 180 turn, becoming evil inside out. Young boy doesn't care about any people expect for himself, and of course his master. He always looks down on people, treating them like they are below him. He doesn't let people get close to him unless they want to serve under him. Even if someone should become his minion Zeref doesn't let him close to him, always keeping his guard up so the slave wouldn't backstab him. If the minion should betray Zeref or even show the slightest sings of betraying he is just gonna kill him or die trying it. Although Zeref might be a kid he is very evil, able to kill without any hesitation and even enjoy doing it. Normally he actually hopes that people would refuse his offer so he could get to fight and later kill the one.

While fighting Zeref always has a big grin on his face, big evil grin. He enjoys it, the scent of blood, which comes out after some time. He has a habit of drinking some of the person's blood who he has killed. He doesn't do it all the time, certainly not then when he has killed someone very weak though. While fighting Zeref always goes all out, having no hesitation of killing the person. He has very good fighting instincts and is somewhat a genius when it comes to learning magic as he was able to learn a highly advanced one in less than a year. While fighting he normally plans his moves trough, unless he goes in his berserk mode though. It happens when he would be severely injured, the mode where he only acts on instincts and feeling no pain.

Zeref believes that hate is the source of power and all things in this world. He wishes to someday complete the Tower of Dreams and then resurrect his master, then taking over the world and control it trough fear. Speaking of fear Zeref is quite crazy kid. There aren't many things what make him scare. He can recognize opponent's strength rather easily, normally just by looking inside their eyes. Fighting with a opponent stronger than him doesn't scare him though. He can use secret strategies to take them down sometimes. Even if the strategy should take like 2 years he will still use it if it means to take down an opponent far stronger than him and someone who should be a threat to his plans. Zeref is also rather good manipulator, normally doing it by fear though.

-"Hatred, I love Hatred, I feed from Hatred, Hatred is my power. Hate is the reason for my existence"

History Zeref was born as a slave to a huge amount of evil magicians. They worked as slaves in Tower of Dreams. Both of his parents were slaves also. They were rather respected by other slaves as they always inspired people not to give up and have hope so one day they would gain their freedom. Dark Mages didn't treat those who got kids nicely and father and mother of the kid were severely punished or in that case tortured. Of course they didn't leave the child out of it. They didn't torture him directly but gave very little food to him, often hurting the kid when he started crying and the worst part of it was that they didn't let the parents see their kid. One day, when young one was about 1 month old his parents tried to escape from the tower, of course while at the same time trying to rescue their child also. This was a major fail though as Dark Mages found out about their plan, killing them in an instant. They left the child alive though since he was going to work as a slave for them one day.

As time passed Zeref grew older, he had to start doing work the moment he got 2 years old, most basic works though, those which he managed. Young boy was called as “Slave Number 666” since he didn't have a real name. If he did even a slightest thing wrong he got punished, mostly it was some punches. Over the time, when getting older he started to make other slave friends. He wasn't the only slave kid there, he was the youngest in the group he knew though. Although being a kid he was rather smart and mature, he didn't do needless things and never got into trouble. Although being well obeying kid he still dreamed about freedom, to see the open skies and walk freely around the world. At that time Zeref didn't know what the world looked like outside since he had been in the tower the whole time. While growing some more time a kid 2 years younger than Zeref joined the group.

When Zeref was 6 years old the newcomer came up with a plan how some of the kids could escape. A lot of kids agreed with the idea, some of them would go outside and notify the law forces about the place so they would be able to gain their freedom. The plan failed though as 2 guards accidentally found the kids while they were trying to escape. Guards asked who the mastermind behind the plan was saying that they would let others get off with just some extra work. The mastermind was only crying behind Zeref's back though, not saying a word. Young boy didn't want anything bad to happen with his friends so he quickly answered that he thought out the plan. Guards only smirked over it though and said that it was someone else, ending up taking the oldest girl in group to the torture chamber, thinking that she was the mastermind. It wasn't much of a secret that she was the smartest no doubt about it.

Zeref didn't know what they did with the girl but he couldn't just sit tight doing nothing. He sneaked off from the slave chamber, moving to Torture one. He wasn't noticed by anyone and managed to get inside the chamber. He quickly found the girl there and imminently went to help her. He was terrified as he saw what they had done to her. Young girl was lashed quite terribly and the worst part was that her left eye was taken out, it was a wonder that the girl was still alive. Zeref untied her and started moving out of the chamber when suddenly the guards noticed what he was up to. They let the girl go put took Zeref in exchange. Dark mages used Dark Magic on him, making him suffer but Zeref shed no tears nor screamed... He took it everything... Hating them... Wanting to kill them... Wanting to see them suffer...

After Zeref was almost half dead the torturers went to have lunch. The moment they left young boy started hearing voices in his head. “Hare, Hate strengthens me. You can feel my presence, I need you and you need me.” It was Dark Mage's soul who was speaking with him... A mage who they so tried to resurrect using the powers of the Tower. Dark one complained on and on about them being so weak... having so less hatred not even being able to feel his presence. After the mage had talked with him for about 30 minutes young boy's personality had completely changed. His hatred combined with Dark Mage's words were the cause of that. „Those fools wouldn't be able to revive me even if they would complete the tower. So what do you think weak one... do you want to complete the tower and be a ruler of the world besides me?“ Zeref only had humongous grin on his face answering, „Yes.“ He was completely consumed by hatred and darkness. „Good. You don't have a name right... Guess I will be calling you Zeref.“ Young boy agreed with that when suddenly he felt an immense dark energy filling up the whole tower, Zeref's injuries healed and his shackles were removed.

When he walked out of the room he was didn't saw a single person. Not even a single dead bodies. The Black Mage had erased all of them including the slaves. Zeref was only happy about it, laughing over them being so weak harted. „Now then. You must go to see the world and gather new ones so you could complete the tower... For that you need power which I am going to give you.“ After those words Black Mage started teaching Zeref. Although Black one didn't have a proper body and Zeref could only feel his presence next to him he was still able to give instructions so he taught Zeref a rather powerful magic known as Sepulchrum Veneficus. He also taught Zeref a lot of other things, like reading, writing and such.
When Zeref was about 7 years old he left the Tower of Dreams to complete his quest and collect a bunch of minions so they would help him complete the Tower of Dreams so he could revive The Black Mage who would try taking over the world, making Zeref his right hand.

Weaponry He had a broadsword in a sheath at his back. The sheath is black like the handle of the sword. The sword itself is normal metal color. It isn't very wide and quite thin, making it easy to swing. It is about 90 centimeters long. [D]

Stats - 45
Strength: 10
Accuracy: 5
Stamina: 5
Speed: 5
Magic: 10 (20)

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Scales Earned 100,000/100,000


Magic Name: Sepulchrum Veneficus
Magic Tier: 1
Magic Type: Gravity
Rank: 2
Magic Description: Sepulchrum Veneficus is the ability to manipulate gravity at the users will to repulse matter away or pull it closer. It is able to affect not only normal things like people and object but magic as well. However there is a restriction on this. The rank of the magic being manipulated must be lower than the rank of the gravity techniques rank.

Each spell has a cool down time before it can be cast again. Each spell has its own individual cool down time. The cool down times are as follows.Technique ranks 1-3 require a cool down time of 4 posts before it can be used again. Ranks 4 and 5 require a cool down time of 3 posts. Ranks 6 and 7 require a 2 post cool down time. Ranks 8-10 require only a 1 post cool down time.
Techniques: (2/2)

Push - (1)
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Range: 5 Meters
Effect: Has the power to push a object,person, or magical spell away with a magical force. This can push someone at 15 miles per hour and at least 30 meters (32 yards) away. This spell is instant when casted as long as the target is with the max range around the casters body. Right now the max weight he can push normally is 90 kg (200lbs). Anyone obese or heavier in general will not go as far or as fast. He can use this to give the illusion of flight by pushing under him while falling from a tall height and slowly lowering himself to the ground. This is not true flight like a bird or dragon.
The cooldown for this spell is 4 posts.

Pull - (1)
Range: 5 Meters
Effect: Has the power to pull a object,person, or magical spell away with a magical force. This can pull someone at 15 miles per hour. This spell is instant when casted as long as the target is with the max range around the casters body. Right now the max weight he can pull normally is 90kg (200lbs). Anyone obese or heavier in general will not go as far or as fast.
The cooldown for this spell is 4 posts.



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PostSubject: Re: Zeref   Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:45 pm


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