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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:23 am

General Site Rules

These are the General rules of the site. This may include but is not limited to rules on Characters, topics and any other site related matters. If there is a rule that you think should be on here and is not, Check other topics just to make sure you didn't overlook something. If it's still not there, please post it in the Suggestions area of the forum.

There is no excuse for anyone to not follow these rules, they are here for everyone to read.

  1. Diversity: Dragonia will take no part in targeting somebody's personal life and any members caught doing so will be strictly punished. Ageism,
    Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Xenophobia or any other form of discrimination is highly forbidden and members with any of the problems above are advised to leave the forum of keep it to themselves. Nobody shall be discriminated against because of their race, age, gender or whether they are homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual.

  2. Spam: Spam is on Dragonia, but limited, please check the rules in the spam section for the complete rules of Spam. The Spam Section is the only area where Spam is permitted.

  3. Respect: Not only do the staff members deserve the utmost respect, but so does every other member who can manage to treat you with the same courtesy. Sometimes disrespect may be caused by accident, so to avoid doing this avoid talking about touchy subjects such as terminal illnesses, suicide, politics, religion etc.

  4. Harassment: Harassment is something the staff will not take lightly, if we see a member or a group harassing or singling out another member multiple times severe actions will be taken. However this is not the only form of harassment that we are against. Harassing the moderators and administrators to check your applications or topics over and over again will be punished by us possibly ignoring it or even a temporary chatbox ban. Please be understanding that the staff have lives too and when they get online they are usually extremely busy, your stuff will be gotten to soon enough, only ask once or twice.

  5. Double Posting: Another form of spam, make sure you avoid double posting unless absolutely needed. It's best just to edit your original post above and inform the member base you have done so with a little note attached saying you have made an edit.

  6. Multiple Accounts: Each user can have as many different characters as they want. Every different character must be under different account unless given a special reason. When you create a new account you can't go claiming that you are someone else though. To avoid that you must inform any on the admins.
    When you haven't role played with your character for 2 months we delete it no questions asked to keep it more clean.

    Each user should have one and only one account. If you have brothers or sisters using the same computer or internet connection please inform the Dragonia Admin [Lightning] once you register. If you fail you inform the administrator then you risk your accounts being banned without warning.
    Remember that if you want to make a new character (not account) you are allowed to do it without any requirements.

  7. Signatures: Signatures now have a approximate size limit. Any member with signatures that stretch the forum out to the sides or are too large themselves will be asked to remove it. Even if it doesn't stretch the page and a staff member finds it too large you will be asked to remove it. You may
    only have one image in your signature, any other images may be posted in a spoiler, but if they also stretch the forum they will be removed. All signatures must also have a clean link to the users application.

  8. Account Sharing: Sharing accounts is strictly forbidden, this also goes for giving your account away.

  9. Avoiding Punishment: Avoiding punishment will be of course, punished with extra punishment. If you are chat banned and are caught making a second account so you can enter the chatbox, your chatban will be extended and your second account will be deleted. If you continue to avoid punishment permanent bans will be dished out. Another way to avoid punishment is to have certain symbols in your name because for some reason Forum Motion cannot ban members will certain signs. No “@” or " " signs are permitted in a username.

  10. Swearing: Swearing is moderately permitted though we suggest you avoid it. We would prefer to hear it in character if anywhere, as long as it's not to intense. Using foul language to make a member feel bad about themselves or to attack them in the chatbox, via PM or in the social area will be severely punished.

  11. Chatbox: Please do not troll, flame, insult etc. other members. We want to keep the chatbox as friendly as possible. If you do, you will be kicked once. If you return and do it again you will be banned for 2 days. If you come back and continue, it will be a permanent ban from the chatbox. Do not advertise your site on the chatbox. If you do, the chatbox will be cleared and you will be kicked. If you do it again, it will be a two day ban. If you come back and do it at all more, it will be a permanent ban from the chatbox. Avoid posting rude or offensive images in the
    chatbox. This can cause some people to get angry with you, because it makes things look unorganized and often people don't want to have to scroll up past your image to find earlier conversations. If you want to post images insure you use a spoiler for the benefit of other members. Avoid using grey or light fonts, especially yellow. You don't want to hurt the other member's eyes because you decide you want to be funny and pick a ridiculous font color. Serious political discussion of any kind is no longer allowed in the Cbox, it's a quick way to lose friends, and make everyone seem like an ass hole. You may not post links to
    applications unless a mod, admin or member requests you to for a legitimate reason.
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General Rules
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