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  Frugi Humus

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PostSubject: Frugi Humus   Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:40 pm

Account Name: Hatarou

Name: Frugi Humus
Nickname: Fu
Age: 16
Race: Darcsen
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 157
Reputation: 0
Class: D
Affiliation: Light

Physical Description: He looks like a basic Darcsen except that his shade of tan is much lighter than most. His hair is black messy and short. His body is very slim but muscular.
Clothing: He wears a dark green tank top, with Khaki shorts.
Accessories: Wears a emerald pendant which is connected to his past.
Extra: Carries a pan flute

PersonalityIs quite energetic but he is very disciplined and well mannered.. he is also very Quiet and hates to repeat things. He Is very Sadistic and blood thristy when in combat. When not doing anything he will train when alone or if with an ally he will casually talk or just listen to them but he does have a temper when assaulted with annoyances. He is resiliant to the point of stubborness and is often scolded for his hard heared nature.

History Frugi is part of the royal family of the land of the Darcsens. His Uncle the king of this land had heard of the Biso Kingdom so he had ask Frugi personally to explore this land. Why he was asked he didn't know but for now he has fun in this new country and one day he'll return to his home and tell his uncle of his ventures.

When his journey began he had a few bodygaurds but very soon after leaving his country he was attacked, his gaurds were killed. He barely escaped, but he didn't give up. He decided to roam Biso by himself and he took it as a trial and works hard everyday to become stronger so he may one day return to his home with many grand tales.

Weaponry Rank D Hunting Knife

Stats - 45
Strength: 10 (+5)
Accuracy: 5 (+5)
Stamina: 10 (-5)
Speed: 10 (-5)
Magic: 5 (10)

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Scales Earned 100,000/100,000


Magic Name: Earth Manipulation
Magic Tier: 2
Magic Type: Earth
Rank: 1
Magic Description: Shapes Items out of Earth.
Techniques: (1/2)

Earth Shield - (1)
Type: Defensive
Range:3 feet
Effect: Can make a small Wall of Earth(3 feet) come from the ground to deflect projectiles.

Misc Enjoys light music


Theme Song:

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PostSubject: Re: Frugi Humus   Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:29 am

Doesn't he have eyes? If he does add that fact in Physical Description including eye. Does he have boots?

Honestly can't you tone up the personality and history?

And also "Dragonia" is a name of the realm where we Role Play and the continents are part of Biso Kingdom so you have to edit your history.

Each point in magic drains two stat points so your magic should be 5 (10)

Write more detailed magic description.

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PostSubject: fifacoins2buy   Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:10 am

You can talk with friends, brainstorming on the other hand, you can also check the Internet so the answer a little more authority. I think these are a good way to solve the problem. Good luck to you!

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PostSubject: Re: Frugi Humus   

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Frugi Humus
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