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 Magic System

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PostSubject: Magic System   Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:06 am


Magic is obviously a big part of Dragonia as it is fantasy world, and so it is more than likely that lots of you are going to want to use it, isn't it? So, in order to create an even and well-balanced system for the Magic use on this site, we have decided to split it up into a few things. Here on Dragonia Magic comes down to four main things:

  • Type
  • Tier
  • Rank
  • Techniques

To begin, here's the basic template of magic in the character creation section, and I shall explain each part in turn.

Magic Name:
Magic Type:1
Magic Tier:2
Magic Description:4

1) Magic Type:

Almost as self-explanatory a section as "Magic Name" - the Magic Type refers to the literal type of the magic. For example magic where the user uses fire should be called "Fire Magic" or magic where the user manipulates air should be called "Wind Magic" - basically whatever description best suits your kind of magic.

2) Magic Tier:

This area is staff-determined, but it affects not only the rate at which your magic techniques increase in power, but also the power of your techniques and the possibility of you being able to learn more magic later on down the track and how quickly. There are four tiers of magic, and each tier contains various sub-sections of magic. These are:

  • Tier 1 Magic: The strongest form of magic that anybody is capable of wielding in their possession. Lost Magic such as the Gravity Magic and the Ark of Time are two examples of such power. Due to their incredible power, mages will be forced to specialize in such power and incapable of learning other forms of magic so quickly.
  • Tier 2 Magic: Advanced magic, such as elemental and powerful energy magic lives in this area. Usually starting about even with the other tiers, Tier 2 magic has an exponential growth cycle early on, and the rate it gains points is high in both early- and late-game.
  • Tier 3 Magic: Mages of this tier acquire magic that are derived from other magical equipments. Ex-quip Mages and Take Over Mages are merely two examples of such mages. Even though the potential of such mages is great, they are still ranked as Tier 3 since most of them will start off weak and will be vulnerable if their equipment/item are taken away from them.
  • Tier 4 Magic:This form of magic hardly has any true fighting power or effect at all. They support their comrades in battle, and usually do not deal direct damage to their opponent, though there are rare cases. Even if the owner possesses some Ultra Rare healing magic it will still be ranked Tier 4 if it can't deal damage to opponent directly.

3) Magic Rank:

Your magic rank is basically the way to show others how powerful your magic is. Your may increase your magic with every 10 (20) Magic Stat Points.So basically you gain an additional rank to your magic type after you have earned 10 Magic Stat points. If you have more than one magic then you can choose which kind of magic would you like to rank up.

4) Magic Description:

Simple to work out, this area is literally a description of what your magic does; how it works, what type it is and what it can theoretically do later on. About a paragraph is necessary to explore it fully, but if you can be more concise, do so.

5) Techniques:

Techniques are the main attacks or moves that you can do, utilizing your specific magic. These are worked out by a combination of both your Magic Rank and as well as the amount of Stat Points you have earned. Techniques are measured like so: Used Power Level/Maximum Power Level. For more information on Techniques and what they do and/or mean, see ~Link Added Soon~

New Magic Gain

It is possible to get another kind of magic types after earning an amount of Stat Points. It is determined by the tier of your magic when you are able to gain a new one.

Tier 4 - 50 Stat Points earned to gain a new magic
Tier 3 - 100 Stat Points earned to gain a new magic
Tier 2 - 150 Stat Points earned to gain a new magic
Tier 1 - 250 Stat Points earned to gain a new magic

After creating a new magic you must look at it's tier and earn set amount of stat points according to it. With every new magic the amount of stat points is increased by 1/4 though so if you should get tier 1 magic you have to earn 500 Stat points to get new one.

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Magic System
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