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PostSubject: Jobs   Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:28 am


Jobs are important elements in the world of Dragonia since they are after all the main method of how regular warriors, archers, mages in the world earn their daily income. These Jobs are essentially job requests posted by the regular folks who are in need of help. Their requests may range from the easy tasks such
as taking care of children to super difficult tasks such as assassination of a political figure. Therefore, the first thing to note about Job is that they are classified into different ranks.

Job Rank
Rank D
The easiest of all Jobs. These jobs usually require physical labor and consist of mundane jobs such as the finding lost animals or items of little value. These jobs usually takes place within the town that your guild is in and will never carry any possible danger.

Rank C
These Jobs usually involve the escorting people or objects, finding lost items in places other than your respective town. Delivering packages to distant places are usually counted as C rank jobs as well. These jobs may possibly be dangerous.

Rank B
Defending someone or something important, carrying important stuff or the assassination of weak or unprotected person(s) are jobs of this rank. Because of this, the risk of a confrontation, and getting killed, are very high on this kind of jobs.

Rank A
Invasion, protecting the village against invasions, the assassinations of powerful people, covert operations of high risk, are A Rank. The risk of death on these jobs are extremely high.

Rank S
These Jobs tend to be urgent jobs of great danger or matters of world importance. They range from assassination of people of world importance, to performing actions that could turn a situation upside down for a large faction or even Country, these jobs tend to be almost impossible to be done and thus are extremely rare. Failure of such job will usually mean death to those who have taken up the job.

Now to stop people from completing high level jobs within the blink of an eye, there is a minimum thread requirement specified for each different rank of job. Even though the minimum thread requirement is fixed, it can be changed by a mod who thinks it needs more or less threads for it's completion.

  • D Rank - 1 Thread
  • C Rank - 2 Threads
  • B Rank - 3 Threads
  • A Rank - 4 Threads
  • S Rank - Specified by mod

Before you get all excited and start taking up the jobs, do know that certain jobs require a certain level of skills and ability to complete them. Thus, we match Classes to Job Ranks.

  • Class C → D to C ranked jobs
  • Class B → D to B ranked jobs
  • Class A → D to A ranked jobs
  • Class S → D to S ranked jobs

And do note that a Class C will be allowed to go on higher ranking jobs, if and only if they are accompanied by person of higher class i.e Class C can go on a Rank A job if he/she is accompanied by a Class A/S Mage. Furthermore, the completion of jobs will not only earn you scales but also earn you ~Topic in progress~.
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