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 Training in the forest.( WIP)

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PostSubject: Training in the forest.( WIP)   Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:03 pm

It was 8:00 pm. The sky was slowly turning dark and the sun was setting. The forest was silent and the only sound that could be heard were foot-steps moving over the grass. There were trees everywhere in sight and a clearing in the center of the area surrounded by more trees. The arae was roughly half a mile long and wide.

Zane Hataro arrived at the cleared with his normal outfit on which was black pants, a black jacket, and a long sword case with a blade inside it. He slowly moved his hand over to his back and wraped his fingers around the hilt of his blade. After that Zane pulled out the sword from it's case making a quite clang from the steel sliding out of the sheath.He finally pulle dthe sword fully from it's case and moved his arm along with it to his side. The blade was thin, but very long. it was atleast six feet in height and made of strong steel.

Zane Hataro moved the blade over the center of the top part of his arm with the point aimed at his own skin.He moved the blade down a bit and then when it made contact with his body, made a light slash cutting into his body and making a cut about two inchs long over his arm. Small amounts of blood friped across his arm as he intended, Zane put the blade back at his side and moved his arm so that the cutt was facing down to the ground. The blood driped for a few moments onto the ground forming a small puddle the size of his finger. After twenty second of the blood falling, Zane moved his arm back to normal position at his side and started to focus his energy for a moment.

Zane focused the energy into the tip of his right-hand pointer finger and pointed at the collection of blood on the ground sending an invisible wave of black magic energy at the blood. Once this was done the blood slowly started to turn a sickish tan-like color that was a more disturbing shade of tan you wouldn't typically see as human flesh. Black smoke began to rise around the blood and cover it completely causing a cloud to form over the ground.

Zane Hataro started to move back a few feet away from the smoke. He stoped at about seven feet of distance and watched as the smoke grew taller and taller. After sixty five seconds the smoke recahed as high as seven feet and an odd figure's shadow could be seen from inside it. A demonic groan sound came from inside the smoke and a sickish tan colored arm came out of the smoke. This ,however was no ordinary arm. It was shaped like a curved blade, but bigger and tan.The bones in the arm had fused together into one giant sharp bone and the skin and tightened to fit exactly over the bone making it a arm as sharp as a sword. Suddenly a leg came out of thesmoke as well. It was the same sickish tan and the bones in the foot had also conjoined to one large foot with no toes. Finally, the creature fully steped out and the black smoke vanished.

The blood had completely vanished from existence and now a demonic entity stood in it's place. It's body was fully mutated. It was bald, had a blood-thirsty look in it's eyes, and had bone making up most of it's insides. It wasn't wearing any clothing, but it's entire body looked exactly the same. It was conjoined bone under flesh that had wraped around the bone tightly making the bone visible and sharp. The creature opened up it's mouth and let out a screech that sounded like the screams of the damned from hell. A soul form hell had been placed in the dmeon's body to do Zane's bidding.

Zane Hataro normally didn't even have to do any work to control the things since most souls from hell were greatful to be taken out of the realm temporarily and knew that he could sned them back just as easily as he called them. Zane began to speak to the creature telepathicly which was an ability he could only do with the necromorphs he summoned . He told it the reason it was here, how it was here, why it was in the demonic biody and couldn't speak, and what he wanted it to do while in the artificial body.
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Training in the forest.( WIP)
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