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Dragonia is a fantasy Role Playing game where you can choose from a lot of other races and enjoy nice community.
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Characteristics:Daierars are born with the body of a cat however, when they reach teenage years, they will grow immensely in size, shape and power. Teenage and above Daierars look generally like humans with the exception of a tail and some fur left on their shoulders.When a Daierar has reached 16 years of age, dragon-like wings will sprout out of their back as their final stage in growth, marking their adulthood.Daierars can possibly have special traits unique to themselves to their tails, an example would be the tail being pointed and as a result sharp. The tail,wings and Legs of a Daierar are rather strong in comparison to other parts of their body, often resulting in higher speed and a habit of using their tails to attack.

Special Abilities:Daierars do not have many specific abilities that they all know but one such ability is called the Azul, it has the power to heal wounds on certain parts of their bodies such as The tail,the wings and the arms.

Origin:The Daierars were said to have been the result of several evil mages trying to experiment and combine a Dragon,a Tiger and a Human together. For many years the Daierars have stayed hidden underground, coming out of their burrows only when they need to find food, now they have decided that the time to hide was over and the time to reveal themselves is now.

Special Stats:

Other Notes:Daierars have Human level magic capabilities and are rather strong in terms of strength.The Daierars also have very long life spans, the oldest reaching up to 1000 years old.
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