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 Job Creation Template

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PostSubject: Job Creation Template   Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:46 am

Job Name: [Name of Job.]
Job Class: [What Class is your Mission? (D, C, B, A, S)]
Job Location: [Where does the job take place]
Job Affiliation: [Light or Dark. Light is when you want to gain good reputation, dark is when you want to get bad reputation.]
Job Details: [All details on the mission goes here. Aka, what the mission requires you to do.]

Job Requirements: [ List any special requirements which may be specific for this mission. (like a female/male mission only, or a certain magic type only, etc)]

Job Objectives: [Put here what you specifically have to do.]

Bonus Objectives: [Any other objectives other than your main objective which you can accomplish? This isn't required.]

Job Reward: [Leave this for Admin or Mod to decide]
-Bonus Reward

Completion Link: [Leave this blank]

[b]Job Name:[/b]
[b]Job Class:[/b]
[b]Job Location:[/b]
[b]Job Affiliation:[/b]
[b]Job Details:[/b]

[b]Job Requirements:[/b]

[b]Job Objectives:[/b]

[b]Bonus Objectives:[/b]

[b]Job Reward:[/b]
-Bonus Reward:

[b]Completion Link:[/b]
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Job Creation Template
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